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Bare Metal Recovery Software

Supports data recovery from bare metal hypervisors such as VMware vSphere / ESXi, Linux KVM, Xen / Citrix XenServer, Hyper-V Server.

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Software Features

  • Recovers Virtual Machine file formats such as .vhd, .vhdx, .vmdk, .hdd & .qed.
  • Deleted Virtual Machine disks can be recovered using "Data Recovery Wizard"
  • Preserve files & folder structure of Bare metal Virtual machine disks files.
  • Supports data recovery from Virtual Machine that are deleted, re-partitioned or lost.
  • Recovers data from Virtual Machine's failed to start or showing black screen.
  • Bare metal recovery software supports both fixed & dynamic virtual machine files.
  • Search Option is programmed to search a particular file type or format from recovered bare metal Hypervisor file.
  • Software is successfully tested on more then 3 TB virtual machine disks.
  • Software supports all Windows versions and servers including latest Windows 10 Version.

Demo Version

Trial version provides functionality same as of Licensed version, search and read virtual machine disks. But to save recovered files all you have is to purchase Licensed edition.

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Generic FAQs

Bare Metal is another type of hypervisor which is also known as Type 1 hypervisor which is a virtualization software which has directly been installed on the computing hardware. This type of hypervisor controls not only the hardware, but one or multiple guest operating systems. Comparatively, a client hypervisor or Type 2 hypervisor runs inside the host OS, so the underlying hardware is managed by the host OS.

As everyone knows that Bare Metal Hypervisor is categorized into different types and VMware Players, Parallels Desktop and Windows Virtual PC are the Type 2 variety which means they could not be installed directly on the computer hardware.

Although, they run inside the computer's host operating system which allows guest operating systems to run in a third layer above the hypervisor and the native OS. As Type 2 hypervisors have control over the virtual desktop images that are installed on the computer, the underlying hardware is still managed directly by the host OS whether it is Linux, Mac or Windows.

This Bare Metal category of Hypervisor is typically used by IT in test and development, rather than for business-wide virtual desktop deployments. The virtual desktop get easily created without hypervisor installation onto user devices.

Bare Metal Hypervisor feature high availability and resource management, also provide better performance, scalability and stability due to the direct access to the hardware. Whereas, the in-built drivers can limit hardware support. Also, bare-metal hypervisor offers greater isolation between desktop images, while eradicating the attack surface of the host operating system.

The employee can easily move between personal and corporate environments when making sure that data from personal application don't effect corporate systems. But the client hypervisor can facilitate the benefit even when they are not used in a cycle with several guest operating systems. Moreover, if client hypervisors introduce significantly security management benefits, those benefits will exists regardless of whether a user is running more than one guest operating system.

ESXi is a component of VMware Server which provide several advance features for management and administration like vMotion, Fault tolerance, High Availability and Storage Motion. It contains powerful infrastructure because multiple third party vendors which are developing tools in a bulk. But is somewhat pricey as compared to other platforms of server virtualization.

Hyper-V is the server virtualization platform which is developed by Microsoft and mostly used by the SMB companies. It includes the features like Live Migration, Quick Migration and Dynamic Memory. Microsoft delivers its hypervisor in different versions i.e. stand-alone software and a component included in the Windows Server 2008 OS. Generally, Hyper-V selected as a hypervisor who do not have exceptional performance and functionality requirements. This virtualization program supports number of applications and utilities in limited.

Xen is based on Linux, so it is not user-friendly as Windows-based hypervisors. As the most widely used OS is Microsoft Windows, this hypervisor is not popular as Hyper-V or VMware hypervisors. But, if the organization has already used Citrix products then you should not need to think of Xen Server because you already have specialised with this vendor. The market share of Citrix XenServer is approx. 3%.

Xen has proved to be a stable product but does not contain Enterprise features as Hyper-V or ESXi do. It can be managed through the command line interface i.e. CLI.

The choice of hypervisor depends on the requirements. If you are looking for a simple virtualization platform then you could just get a free version of Hyper-V or ESXi. These both are the most popular hypervisor platforms which have a really professional support and continuously extended by the new features.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Yes, you can but the complete and accurate data recovery is not guaranteed, so I will recommend you to go with Bare Metal Recovery Software which is reliable and carve data in an exact form with no loss.

No worries sir, you can try our VHD Recovery Software which is especially built to extract and recover VHD and VHDX data from such type of situation. You can download the trial version of the software and evaluate the process by your own and if you are satisfied then you can go with the license key.

Yes, you can recover and restore unlimited files from corrupt Linux KVM machine as it is a tested utility which is capable to retrieve files from more than 40 TB virtual hard disk.

Yes, the tool supports the VMware recovery from any Windows OS server. The application can be easily downloadable and operable as well on all Windows OS edition to perform VMware VMDK recovery of Bare Metal Hypervisor.


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100% secure recovery tool


Helped me in extracting my corrupt vmdk file. Thanks !

- Tom Jensen, United States