Parallels HDD Recovery Software

Parallels HDD Recovery Software

Recovers Files from Corrupted Parallels .pvm or .hdd Disks

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Software Features

  • Supports recovery from corrupt & crashed .pvm as well as .hdd files.
  • Maintain files & folders structure of "Parallels Desktop" and Oracle virtual machines.
  • To recover deleted virtual machine files, Use ""Data Recovery Software".
  • Able to recover from formatted .pvm and .hdd virtual machine disks.
  • Provides recovery from lost, deleted, re-partitioned .pvm and .hdd discs.
  • Supports recovery from .pvm and .hdd discs which are "Unable To Start" or shows "Black Screen Error".
  • Able to recover from GPT (GUID Partition Table) as well as MBR (Master Boot Record) Partition tables and Boot records.
  • Supports Virtual machine created with "Parallels Desktop" (Mac) & VirtualBox.
  • Allows users to Search files from recovered .pvm and .hdd Virtual Machines.
  • Parallels HDD Recovery Software is tested on .pvm and .hdd disks ranging from 2 GB to 20 TB.

Demo Version

Trial Edition of Parallels HDD Recovery Software allows you to preview data, to save recovered data from .pvm and .hdd disk files, you have to get license to save your recovered data. Saving of files & folders are disabled in Trial Edition.

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Generic FAQs

Parallels Desktop for Mac is a virtualization server which works by mapping the host computer's hardware resources directly to the virtual machine's resources. Each virtual machine operates identically to an individual computer, with nearly all the resources of a physical computer. Because all the guest virtual machine make use of the same hardware drivers regardless of the actual hardware on the host computer, virtual machine instances are exceedingly portable between computers like a running virtual machine can be stopped, copied to another physical computer and restarted.

Parallels .hdd files are virtual machine files created with "Parallels Desktop for Mac" virtualization software. These files serve as a hard disk to virtual machine that contains files, data and settings which is used to start and run virtual machines.

Parallels Desktop virtual machine make use of .pvm file extension in order to manage virtual machines. And to start virtual machines, users have to double click on the .pvm files of particular VMs.

Parallels .hdd file resides in PVM i.e. Parallels Virtual Machine files. And to look these files closely you need to extract those files by browsing the path where the .pvm file is located and once you found, right click on it and choose "Show Package Contents". You will see that the extracted folder contains .hdd file.

By default, Parallels virtual machine files are saved either in the Documents/Parallels folder within user folder or in /Users/Shared/Parallels

Moreover, you can determine the location by using .pvm file Alias. If you want to see the location of a pvm file to which an Alias points, then right-click on the pvm alias and choose Get Info. You will see the location of pvm file where it points to after Original.

Using "Parallels Mounter" software one can easily open this type of file. With the help of this software you can preview the complete data resides inside .hdd file. It does not support other virtual machine file types such as .vhd or .vmdk created with VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V.


With the help of Parallels Virtual Machine Recovery Software, you can open & explore your .pvm, .hdd file contents. Software act as a Parallels .pvm, .hdd viewer which allow to read Parallels .hdd file of any size. You can view and open corrupt Parallels .hdd file and healthy .hdd file to extract few of the crucial files from it.

Note: Oracle VM VirtualBox can also be utilized to view the earlier versions of .hdd file.

Parallels .hdd file may get corrupted due to the following reasons:

  • In case of kernal panic action: the action is taken by operating system in response to a system fatal error. The term is mainly used for Mac OS X.
  • In case when system's physical disk driver get corrupted
  • In case of inappropriate shutdown, may be due to power failure or unresponsive system hang.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Yes, software can recover data from Parallels virtual machine that shows black screen and fails to boot. Download the software trial version and run it to scan .hdd virtual disk file. Order the licensed edition of the recovery tool to restore the entire data accurately from Parallels HDD file.

This error message means that the virtual machine has got corrupted and now you want to restore data from it. Download this utility and scan .hdd file. After the complete scan, the software will display the recovered files and folders. Save your required files and folders with the help of licensed edition of the tool.

In this situation, you need to take care of Mac data recovery software. The VM once deleted gets deleted from host hard disk file system. If after recovering from Mac hard drive, you are still not able to open .hdd file, then in that case the software will surely help you out.


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Helped me in recovering my corrupted .hdd file. Thanks !

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