VDI File

A VDI is a virtual machine file format created with products such as Oracle VM VirtualBox (Oracle Hypervisor). Oracle VM VirtualBox is an open-source Hypervisor program, supports virtualization of different versions of operating systems and types an such as Mac, Windows, and Unix platforms.

VDI file structure

VDI files are basically structured in to four sections

  • Header Descriptor
  • An image block map
  • Block alignment padding
  • Image blocks

Creating a VDI virtual machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox?

VDI is easily available open file format, users can download pre-installed .vdi files of many of the popular "Open Source" operating systems such as Linux, Ubuntu , Windows etc and run a virtual machine of your own by importing it in Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Steps for creating a VDI virtual machine

Here I am using Linux Mint Operating System downloaded from https://virtualboximages.com/

Step 1: Open Oracle VM VirtualBOX.


Step 2: Click on "NEW" button and select the Operating System.


Step 3: Select amount of RAM

Step 4: Select the path of your .VDI file

Step 5: Select the .VDI file

Step 5: Click on create button

Step 6: Your Virtual Machine is now created and listed in Index

Step 7: Linux working incide windows

Supported Hypervisors