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Extract files from corrupted .vdi disks

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Software Features

  • Recovers deleted files & folders from corrupted .vdi virtual machines
  • To recover deleted virtual machine files, Use ""Data Recovery Software"
  • Supports recovery from formatted .vdi drive partitions
  • Able to Retrieve data from lost, deleted, re-partitioned vdi discs drives
  • Supports recovery from VMs "Unable To Start" or "Black Screen Error"
  • Supports fixed & dynamic VDI file types
  • Supports Virtual machine created with Oracle VM Virtualbox
  • Allows users to Search required files from recovered VDI virtual drive files and folders, which can be viewed in Windows explorer style view
  • Tool is tested on .vdi oracle disks ranging from 2 GB to 20 TB

Demo Version

Trial Edition doesn't allow you to save recovered data from Parallels virtual disk image files. You have to purchase software license to save your recovered data. Saving of recovered files & folders are disabled in Trial Edition.

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Generic FAQs

A VDI file is a virtual machine file generally produced and used by Oracle VM VirtualBox (a Hypervisor) to store data. A .vdi file provides users isolation towards system hard disk which makes it possible to run an operating system within an operating system.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is popular open-source general purpose hypervisor, supports virtualization of Microsoft Windows and multiple other operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, OpenBSD etc.

You have seen a .vdi file and now you are wondering how to open these file.

Well the answer is, this is a virtual machine file and can be opened using Oracle VM VirtualBox. Oracle VM VirtualBox is a freeware can be downloaded from its main website.

For detailed step by step guide you can refer here

Yes, .vdi file can be converted to .vhd (Microsoft virtual Hard Disk or Hyper-V file) or .vmdk (VMWare virtual disk file) file.

Oracle VM VirtualBox comes with a command line tool called "VboxManage" which allows you to modify many settings of a .vdi file as well as conversion to above mentioned formats.

There could be various reasons behind .vdi file corruption, some common issues include

  • VDI files often get corrupted when they are transferred to other system.
  • Viruses attack or cracking.

VDI file recovery

Virtual disk image files are different from other data files, they are written using a different file format, data recovery from these files requires special attention, and you require a specialized VDI file recovery tool for that purpose.

VDI recovery tool is programmed especially for VDI file recovery. VDI recovery tool alone is a complete solution for all your VDI recovery issues, the software comes with a simple user friendly GUI, requires no technical knowledge to operate, all you need is to select your corrupted .vdi file and follow the process of the software. The software will guide you through the entire process and recover your lost vdi file from corrupted .vdi disks. By downloading "Demo Version", user can scan the complete corrupted vdi disks, and view the entire structure of files present in it. Once user select their desired data then the software allows users to preview and recover selected data but it will not allow you to save the recovered data, for that you need to buy license version.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Currently VDI Recovery Software supports Windows operating system only but you can copy your corrupted .vdi files from Linux to windows and use our software to recover contents inside it.

Yes, VDI Recovery Software works perfectly in this case you can not only recover your images but can also recover other files such as videos and documents with this software easily.

You can download our software from our main site and test it, if you find it useful for your purpose, you can purchase its licensed versions later.

Note in this situation first you have to use a Data Recovery Software after this if you are still facing issues then you can try using "VDI Recovery Software".

Yes, we support recovery from both fixed as well as dynamic .VDI (OracleBox Virtual Disk Images).

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Helped me in recovering my corrupt vdi file. Thanks !

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