A "virtual machine" is typically embedded in a set of different files such as .log, .vmdk, .vmx etc and generally stored inside a hard disk of a host computer

A VMDK is a virtual machine file format created using VMware products such as VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi and other third party products such as Parallels Desktop (hardware virtualization for Macintosh computers), VirtualBox (Oracle Hypervisor).

VMDK is "open file format", initially developed by VMware for their Hypervisor products for storing digital data. A VMDK data file contains all necessary information which is required by a Hypervisor to run a virtual machine.

How a VMDK file gets corrupted?

Hypervisors may not power on executing a corrupt VMDK file. Below are some reasons responsible for VMDK file corruption.

  • If descriptor file is missing.
  • if description section of the VMDK flat file is incorrect
  • If VMDK or VMDK flat file is corrupt

In case of missing VMDK file when you power on virtual machine it displays errors such as

  • “Failed to power on. A file was not found.”
  • “Unable to find file”
  • “The system cannot find the file specified.”

In such emergency cases when your virtual machine is unable to boot, it is advisable to take help of a expert VMDK file recovery software.

Supported VMware Hypervisors

  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware ESX
  • VMware ESXi
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware Server
  • VMware Player

Other Third-party Products

  • Parallels Desktop
  • Sun xVM
  • QEMU
  • VirtualBox
  • SUSE Studio
  • ILookIX